Stjepan Ilich

Dorcich Family Vineyards

Dorcich Family Vineyards

Brand Identity & Packaging

With this brand we wanted to make the vineyard modern while still keeping notes of the history. Changing the brand from the old generation to a new one, the owners of DFV had a vision to sell more then wine. They spoke of DFV as a community where wine happens to be consumed. They offer food, music and wine tasting events every weekend.

The simple line pattern represents the vineyards and the composition within the ‘D’ shape hints at their Croatian heritage. DFV is the parent brand to Ankora, whose story and identity conveys the beginning to DFV and how it came to be. Knowing that DFV would be a parent brand we needed the mark to be simple, flexible and able to scale to a very small size. DFV has it’s own line of wines as well, which are more refined and mature then their other wines.

  • Client: Dorcich Family Vineyards