Stjepan Ilich

Skinny Cow

Skinny Cow

Branding, Packaging & Photography

Skinny Cow came to us with there sales at an all time low, and now are at an all time high for the brand. We achieved this success by simplifying the the pack and focusing on what matters most to the consumer: an indulgent snack that’s light and delicious.

Photography played a huge roll in delivering our message. We wanted the product to be the hero and have dark contrasting shadows and highlights to give it that ‘in you’re face’ indulgence. The small bites of ingredients help make the light snack more appetizing while also conveying the flavor. On the back of pack, we showed images of all the ingredients to help illustrate the simple recipe, while still having taste appeal.

Since the skinny cow snack line went so well, they extended the project to ice cream cartons which use bolder colors to entice a wider audience.

This was not a one person job and took a team effort to get where it is today.

  • Client: Skinny Cow
  • Art Direction: Nicole Flores
  • Additional Credits: Eugene Heard, Javier Garcia, Corey Uehera